The vaccine AND your mask are your ticket to normalcy.

The reward for receiving the COVID-19 vaccine isn’t to ditch the mask — the reward is to significantly minimize your chances of severe illness or death.

We must reframe our thinking and our expectations if we are to reclaim a sustained sense of normalcy.

I get it, “What is normalcy?”…

At a clubhouse nestled in the mountains, a once friendly game of mahjong was about to commence. The “regulars” took their usual seats while the more casual players sat at the first open table. There was hardly ever fresh blood within this room and for good reason — this was…

Dig out your photos from 2019, it’s time for some “maskless” marketing.

Wait, stop. Don’t you dare do that.

Colleges and universities are announcing Fall reopening plans and though it sorta kinda feels like normal, it isn’t pre-covid normal.

Marketers need to embrace what campus life will be like in the Fall and not advertise what they’d like it to be. For…

Let prospective students tour colleges THEIR way

Remember in 2016 when college marketing and admissions teams learned about Pokémon Go? Yes, you’re probably saying. And, why is this relevant?

It isn’t.

Except that, we really discovered was the power, and relevancy, of augmented reality to engage students.

Institutions are run…

Michelle Bartonico

Senior Strategist and Project Manager at Trinity University. I write about higher education, marketing, project management, and a few wild hair topics.

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